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New Desktop Interface

We've gone ahead and brought the sleek mobile interface to the desktop. Things will feel cleaner but keep the same experience you are used to.

New Functionality

One-click user highlighting and blocking along with new stream buffering help limit super active hashtags to 5 tweets at a time, giving you more control over how you experience the conversation.

Introducing FavePages & FavePage Stories

FavePage Screenshot

FavePages are a central place to enjoy and share your favorite tweets from the hashtags you participate in or a way to explore what other users have favorited in the hashtags you are interested in and engage in.

Wherever you favorite your tweets - in your mobile app, on Twitter, or in a TweetChat room - all your favorites will be found on your FavePages categorized by date and hashtag for easy reference.

FavePage Stories are a great way to take your experience in a chat and share it with the world. You can publish your FavePage Stories with your personalized titles & editorial. You can even re-order tweets and hide specific tweets within your FavePage Story. Any hashtag on any day can become a FavePage Story that you tell.

FavePage Screenshot

Coming soon TweetChat+Pro

TweetChat+Pro is TweetChat plus a new enhanced layer of functionality for moderators and community managers.

Branded Spaces

branded spaces by tweetchat

Hashtag-level Troll Blocking

spam blocking by tweetchat

Content Bursting

content bursting by tweetchat