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#PeopleSkills Chat: Building Bonds Of Success & Happiness

Social media, cloud technologies, and increased mobile use give us limitless opportunities to connect with one another across multiple channels, devices, and time zones.

The same technologies that bring us together can also keep us apart. Communicating with one another in the globally diverse, hyper-connected Social Age takes the right set of people skills to succeed.    

In January of 2013, Kate Nasser created the #peopleskills chat to explore our challenges and encourage the global People Skills community to share their unique insights and diverse perspectives.

Let’s find out more about Kate and the #peopleskills chat!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am the The People Skills Coach™, fostering positive interactions for success in business. My keynotes, workshops, and coaching are about people skills to lead change, unite in teamwork, engage employees, and deliver outstanding customer service experiences.

To help my corporate customers, I use my strong intuition about people and a Masters in Organizational Psychology. I am now celebrating my 25th year in business.

What is the #peopleskills chat about?

The #peopleskills Twitter chat is a global conversation about many aspects of human interaction.

Our motto: Build bonds of success and happiness.

Our one rule: Respect, even when we disagree.

Civility doesn't weaken the message. It helps others to hear it.

What is the most underrated #peopleskill?

Adapting to others while expressing your views. People often think that authenticity means being inflexible. It doesn’t. Give and take make for success and happiness. 

What is the most overrated/misunderstood #peopleskill?

The most misunderstood people skill is listening. People continue to define great listening as silence. It isn't always true. It depends on the people involved and what they prefer.

What are your top #peopleskills for being successful on Twitter? 

Civility (manners), questioning/learning instead of judging, making a good 1st impression, and creating your personal brand.

What is the most challenging #peopleskill to practice?

This is a very interesting question. Perhaps the toughest people skill to practice is responding well to criticism. When emotion kicks in, it’s tough not to get defensive. It takes commitment, focus, and discipline to keep your emotion in check. It's challenging -- but not impossible! 

Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary of The People Skills Coach™! That is an impressive milestone!

Thank you, Jessica!

Has the impact of certain #peopleskills changed over the last 25 years?

As business has become global without even getting on a plane, the challenge of cultural differences has heightened the impact of people skills. We now have to learn how to interact frequently with people that have very different expectations, morés, and practices. It’s an exciting time, especially for those who like to learn and expand their horizons.

What does the future #peopleskills community look like in 2015? 

We will continue our weekly (Sunday) 10amET #Peopleskills Twitter chats with new topics on leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, and customer service. We will also expand our discussions in our online people skills communities on Google+, FB, and LinkedIn. Finally, we will forge ahead with more online rallies to stop bullying at work and in schools. 

*** I must take this time to thank the volunteer moderators of #Peopleskills: Chantal Bechervaise (@CBechervaise), Tom Rhodes (@TomJ_Rhodes), Dave Moore (@MooreConsortium), Tracy Shroyer (@tshroyer2), and Hoda Maalouf (@MaaHoda). Their contributions, time, and generosity of spirit have advanced the #peopleskills community.***

For more Info on the #peopleskills community click HERE

You can contact Kate Nasser at +01 908.595.1515 or click HERE

Connect with Kate on Twitter @KateNasser 

Shana Williams Nov 04, 2014 11:50am

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