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#ContentChat: Join The Leaders In Content Marketing

We are excited to talk with Jenise Fryatt from Smarter Shift about their weekly content marketing Twitter chat #contentchat.

Intelligent, insightful, and lively discussions about the hottest content marketing issues from some of the most influential industry voices make this Twitter chat a must on your list!

Let’s find out more about Jenise, Smarter Shift, and #contentchat: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

I enjoy learning new things, helping other people, and engaging with communities. Resume-wise I studied communications in college; started an AV company with my husband and a partner; learned to market that company with content marketing; and then used those skills to help others when I joined Smarter Shift - a content marketing company.

I’m a yoga instructor, serious meditator, and former improv performer. The skills I learned from those practices have allowed me to remain sane and effective in my life. I am also passionate about sustainable living and anything to do with that.

What is #contentchat?

#ContentChat is Smarter Shift’s Twitter chat about content marketing that takes place every Monday at 3 pm ET. We started the chat January 21, 2013, and our inaugural guest was Scott Lum, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft.  

The basic format consists of me asking an expert guest 5-7 questions about a particular content marketing-related topic. Participants join in by contributing their own responses and questions.

The chat has grown by leaps and bounds since, and has featured some of the biggest names in content and social media marketing including Ann Handley, Maddie Grant, Neal Schaffer and most recently Peg Fitzpatrick. Her guest spot drew 78 participants!

What must content deliver to engage today’s audience?

Content must deliver useful information that connects on a human level and is adapted to the particular platforms used by its intended audience. And it works best when the content producer is seen as a valued member of the niche audience community - as opposed to being purely self-interested.

It’s very different from traditional marketing which held mere brand name recognition as one of its highest goals. Audiences today despise intrusive marketing messages and are wary of attempts to manipulate them. Effective content marketers understand that much of their job is about overcoming these preconceptions and winning the trust of their target market.

Excellent point, Jenise. Trust is key! What are the 3 biggest mistakes brands make on Twitter that affect this critical trust building process? 

1 - Applying traditional broadcast marketing tactics to this social media platform.

2 - Not putting in the time and effort it takes to build a community with engagement.

3 - Not investing in a solid content marketing strategy.

What are your top tips for social sharing your content?

          Build a strong community on social media by engaging with and helping others in your niche.

          In addition to your own content, share outside content, especially if it originates from your online community.

          Make sharing easy by including share buttons, keeping Tweets short, etc.

          Use hashtags related to your content that are used by your online community.

          Use quality images and graphics on social media whenever possible.

What do you think will be the top content trends for 2015? 

Social media platforms like Facebook are limiting reach for marketers. At the same time, new social media platforms are gaining users. Because of this, marketers will have to refine their ability to effectively seek out their target audience. 

But the big data that is becoming more available will help them. The ability to quickly adapt will be key as different platforms will require different kinds of engagement. Video continues to gain in importance as a content marketing medium. And mobile-friendly content will be essential. 

What does the #contentchat community look like in 2015?

The community will continue to be a friendly group of people that generously shares knowledge and encouragement. I’m seeing more college students joining in the chat which I find exciting. I can also see sharing the duties involved in hosting the chat with another company as a co-sponsor. In the end, the community will develop as it will. My job will be to assist that process, wherever it leads. 

Want to learn more about Jenise and Smarter Shift?

          Contact Jenise at jenise@smartershift.com

          Read her posts on content marketing and social media at Cvent HERE

          Check out more from Smarter Shift HERE


Shana Williams Dec 01, 2014 11:08am

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