9 Simple Steps To Update Your Old Content The Right Way

9 Simple Steps To Update Your Old Content The Right Way

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If you update your website or blog more often, Google will love you! Don’t you want some Googly Love?….. Like me, I am sure you crave it every night before sleep.

Will get back on that thought but for a moment, I want you to think of your blog or website as a Store that you own and your individual blog posts as items you put on display in that store, obviously you are doing that to attract customers and make sales.

Each item displayed is your individual story.

Would you still display the same items that you did, say, a year back?
Will people still purchase an item from your store that they know is old and outdated?
Probably not!

While it may seem like common-sense that your precious store won’t survive that way for long. People often forget that the same goes for their blogs.

If you keep ignoring your old blog posts and continue to showcase it on your blog as they already are, you stack the odds against your favor.

How? Because The Internet is a keeper.
As your old blog posts still continue to generate some amount of traffic for years, they need to stay updated according to the reading habits of today.
That is the only way your old stuff will continue to generate some value for current readers and eventually may result in more pageviews and signups. Vox proves this perfectly.

Yes, I know creating new content is exciting and something you look forward to every week. But there is a glaring problem which comes with it…..it’s expiration date. In general, 95 percent of the content you create will get most of its traffic within the first two to three days of publishing.

After some weeks it will come under the category of ‘old’.
Old and outdated content=bad content.

So, the importance of updating outdated content can’t and should not be ignored.

Before we come onto defining exactly why it’s so important, we will first come on to who is it important for.

Amongst many other reasons, you probably write and will continue to write for 3 major things-

1. For Search Engines(The Googly Love!)

There is no doubt that Google sends you traffic, a lot of it. And the conquest to reach the top of your SERP’s seems like it will never end.
Higher you rank, more the traffic, more googly love, more sales!

2. For your Audience

When you put effort in your writing, you expect something in return. That can be to get more eyes on your blog, more exposure, more likes, more shares, or more sales. It can be anything but it sure is for an audience.

3. For Yourself

Whether it is your hobby, escape, desire, profession or you just write for the heck of it, you write for your own self.

And updating old content regularly makes all of them happy in some way.
Here are some reasons why updating old, stale content is important for all the above mentioned entities-

Google loves new Content

  1. Whether you update an old article, add a new article, an image, some comments or just make some change on your site, ‘Googlebot’, google’s crawler, will LOVE it.
  2. Frequent content, frequent index
    Doesn’t matter if its fresh content or updated content, the more you push out content, more frequently your site will get indexed by Google.
    A site that is updated once a day, or at least two to three times a week, is considered a frequently updated site.
    If you are active in the eyes of Google, you will see your search engine ranking shoot up automatically. It’s all about how often you can get yourself indexed by providing value to your readers.
  1. Hunt for Fresh Content
    Like Google, your audience craves new content as well. As I said before, the links you build are forever. Some traffic may still continue to flow from year old posts and when you put the effort to update that content, people notice.
    Ultimately this shows that your business is active, alive and worthy of your reader’s attention which can benefit you greatly in the long run.
  2. Keeping Links in check
    Keep a constant check on the assets of your blog or website, its backlinks.
    Over time, the resources…

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