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Author: Blaise Zerega / Source: VentureBeat Here’s this week’s newsletter: VentureBeat today announced the launch of a personalized news

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Here’s this week’s newsletter:

VentureBeat today announced the launch of a personalized news bot for Facebook Messenger, which follows the release of our voicebot for Google Home. What sets the VB Messenger bot apart from other news bots are its built-in learning and intelligence.

The VB bot observes readers’ behavior and continuously updates their profiles based on their interests in order to deliver personalized news feeds. Over time, as a reader’s profile evolves, the bot will learn about their new interests and unlearn the old ones. We partnered with Gupshup to build the VB bot. (Notably, CEO and cofounder Beerud Sheth’s graduate research at M.I.T. Media Lab involved the development of autonomous agents for personalized news filtering.)

Samsung’s intelligent agent also made news this week. Bixby, its long-awaited competitor to Siri, will not be included with the new Samsung 8 phone shipping later this month. The company also revealed it was creating a $150 million fund to invest in startups around virtual reality, AI, Internet of Things, and other so-called frontier technologies.

Also happening this month will be a five-day festival from Alphabet’s DeepMind, taking place in Wuzhen, China. The event will pair some of China’s top Go players with DeepMind’s AI-powered program, AlphaGo. Last year, AlphaGo beat a top, professional South Korean Go player. And earlier this year, Google confirmed that AlphaGo had beaten other top players online, too.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video from DeepMind describing how AlphaGo mastered the game of Go.

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VentureBeat’s personalized news bot is now available on Messenger

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