All hail the Trump Twitter bump

All hail the Trump Twitter bump

Author: Lance Ulanoff / Source: Mashable Donald Trump Twitter is growing. Twitter. Is. Growing. The service has been mostly flat or shri

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Twitter is growing. Twitter. Is. Growing.

The service has been mostly flat or shrinking for months, but not this past quarter. In the first quarter of 2017, Twitter’s Daily Active Users rocketed up 14 percent and the Monthly Active number is now 328 million.

It rose by 9 million in three months!

What else has been going on for three months?

Donald Trump’s presidency.

I know, that’s crazy talk. This turnaround is not Trump’s doing. It can’t be.

Twitter certainly doesn’t see it.

The social media platform cites significant progress in shutting down abusive behavior even as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey noted that they found that abusive accounts make up “a small percentage” of overall accounts.

There are service updates like significant changes on the Twitter reply front, with more characters thanks to the removal of the reply Twitter handle and the changes in the direct messaging platform.

Video streaming is growing fast, with 800 hours to 45M viewers in this quarter.

Yes. Sure. All these things could have played a role in Twitter’s happy news.

Yet, none of that considers the Twitter X-Factor that is Donald Trump.

Our 45th President did the unprecedented and continued to personally tweet on his personal account, often in the wee hours of the morning, when he’d had too much caffeine or not enough. I often imagine a lonely Trump (Melania is usually in New York) pacing the oval office in his pajamas (while still wearing an extraordinarily long red tie), grumbling to himself, agitated about something and not calming down until he crafts another tweet tirade.

Just this morning, the same morning of Twitter’s Q1 earnings report and call, Trump was on a tear about the Federal Judge who blocked his plan to defund sanctuary cities.

The world...

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