Google Home can now distinguish between multiple voices

Author: Khari Johnson / Source: VentureBeat Google Assistant on Google Home is now able to support up to six user accounts and detect uni

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Google Assistant on Google Home is now able to support up to six user accounts and detect unique voice signatures, the company announced today.

This allows Google Home users to customize a number of features, from the answer to the question “What’s on my calendar?” to the “Tell me about my day?” feature that provides specific commute, weather, and news for each user. It also includes features such as nickname, work location, payment information, and linked accounts like Google Play, Spotify or Netflix.

Since its launch last fall, Google Assistant on Google Home has become able to answer questions, provide personal info (like calendar or flight information), and convey a unique personality. Google Home can also order items from more than 50 retailers across the United States by voice and set flight tracking alerts.

The news of Google Home being able to support multiple accounts should not come as a surprise to close followers of the intelligent assistant.

Initial hints at multi-user support emerged last month from Android application package code. And a few weeks back, Google Assistant users saw an unexpected card in the Discover tab of the Google Home app stating that the voice-powered intelligent assistant could support multiple users. The change was announced today in a blog post by product manager Yury Pinsky.

A source familiar with the matter told VentureBeat the card declaring “Multiple users now supported” was actually released early, as the result of a malfunction by the Google Home app. Now that the multi-user feature is available, you can add new users by tapping the “Multiple users now supported” card or by going to the Devices area of Google Home (in the top right-hand corner of the app or the sandwich menu in the top left-hand corner).

Once in the Devices area, choose to “Link Your Account.”


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