How Social Media Is Impacting How Students Learn

Author: Jimmy Rohampton / Source: Forbes Grab A Retirement Saver's Tax Credit Taha Bawa and Omar Bawa, cofounders of Goodwall. In many w

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Taha Bawa and Omar Bawa, cofounders of Goodwall.
Taha Bawa and Omar Bawa, cofounders of Goodwall.

In many ways, social media is not currently being used effectively to bolster education, nor is it well integrated within the curriculums of schools and universities. In fact, popular social media outlets are often viewed by institutions as a distraction rather than an asset. The reality is that students do spend many hours a day on social media and educators and schools can and should leverage the platforms to engage the students and enhance learning.

Goodwall is a community aiming to be that platform where the education system and social media converge. It’s a platform for students to showcase their academic and extracurricular achievements and get recognized and supported for them by their peers, universities and providers of scholarships and opportunities.

Meet Taha Bawa, the cofounder and CEO of Goodwall. Bawa is a thought leader in education and social enterprises and has spoken at Tedx, Google Business Talks and numerous events on education such as the International Baccalaureate, European Commission of International Schools, Lift Conference and universities such as St. Gallen, MIT, Imperial College London, Oxford University and Geneva University. He is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and has contributed to publications such as TechCrunch.

In this interview, we talked about the problem with the traditional way students learn, how social media is impacting learning, what roles social media should play in the traditional classroom and more.

Jimmy Rohampton: What is Goodwall and why should we care?

Taha Bawa: Goodwall is a social community for young people to connect and get recognition for their talents and achievements. This recognition comes not only from universities, but also from scholarship and other opportunity providers. Within the Goodwall community, students from vastly different cultures are able to interact with each other in a meaningful manner and show their support for others who might be pursuing very different goals from their own. To date, Goodwall has succeeded in bringing together around one million students from 150 countries.

Rohampton: How is social media changing education systems and how students learn?

Bawa: Social media has increasingly become the go-to medium for young people to learn about and connect with the world and people around them, displacing television and other channels.

This has significantly expanded students’ horizons in terms of how they learn. In the past, major sources of information came from your teachers at school and the…

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