How to Reinvigorate a Past Relationship

How to Reinvigorate a Past Relationship

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The “Big Idea” behind relationship marketing is that staying engaged with key relationships puts you at a strategic advantage for your current business efforts and the task at hand. By consistently following up, keeping these relationships warm, and adding value, we are able to nurture new, repeat, and referral business opportunities.

One of the hardest parts of this, however, is that pesky little word consistently. As much as we try:

  • There are people who we forget about.
  • There are people who we worked with at one point, then moved on.
  • There are introductions we never followed up on, in-person meetings we never kept track of, etc…
  • Bottom line, there are people in our past network that we rediscover the importance of.

We all know that feeling – for whatever reason or another, you find yourself staring at a contact record for someone who you haven’t spoken to in two or three years. If only I had stayed in touch!

How to revive your past relationships:

I could let your overwhelming guilt and shame invigorate your desire to make sure that you don’t repeat your mistake again, but I’d rather provide a little bit more value to you.

We see a relationship where our mindshare is completely exhausted – but how do we reconnect with them?

Let’s dive in.

First, get in the right mindset

You might be concerned that they hate you or that they’ve forgotten about you. But think how you feel – you feel bad that you didn’t stay in touch with them – they are likely to feel the same (after all, we’re social creatures!). Plus, what’s worse – reinvigorating a relationship with just a tinge of guilt, or never speaking to them again and never deriving any more happiness or value out of that relationship? Yeah, I thought so.

OK, so what can you do?


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