Kathy Griffin Fired By CNN as Trump Photo Backlash Continues

Kathy Griffin Fired By CNN as Trump Photo Backlash Continues

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Update: (May 31, 1:40 P.M.): CNN has terminated Kathy Griffin’s recurring role on its New Year’s Eve program, which she usually co-hosts with Anderson Cooper. The network tweeted the following on Wednesday afternoon:

The original story begins below.

On Tuesday, comedian Kathy Griffin became the subject of public scrutiny after posing with a fake bloody Donald Trump head for photographer Tyler Shields. And even Griffin, rarely one to back down from provocation, seemed to realize she crossed a line. She released an apology on her Twitter account late Tuesday night and promised to remove the image. And then, about four hours later, the president tweeted the confounding typo “covfefe.” The attention was back on him—but Griffin’s role wasn’t done yet.

Griffin knew her photoshoot would cause an uproar. In a video obtained by TMZ, Griffin is seen joking with Shields about the backlash that will result after the shoot is published.

“We have to move to Mexico today . . . because we’re not surviving this, O.K.?”

Though Griffin’s prediction might have been a bit dramatic, and the attention span of Twitter is already moving elsewhere, the fallout continues. As Griffin had imagined it would, her photoshoot immediately caused a reaction. Griffin’s…

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