#SproutChat Recap: How to Teach Your Colleagues Personal Branding

Author: Sarah Nagel / Source: Sprout Social Due to the nature of their jobs, social media marketing professional have a clear understandi

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#SproutChat Recap: How to Teach Your Colleagues Personal Branding

Due to the nature of their jobs, social media marketing professional have a clear understanding of personal branding and its positive impact on an organization. While a social marketers number one priority is maintaining the social presence for the organization they represent, sharing social best practices with colleagues can help your brand raise awareness, improve community relations and positively impact recruiting efforts.

At this week’s #SproutChat, we discussed the do’s and don’ts of personal branding and how fostering an environment where employees feel supported to build a personal brand can impact the bottom line.

Build the Foundation

Social best practices from managing a business carry over to personal branding. You’ll want to maintain a consistent tone of voice, visual aesthetic and make sure that the content you’re sharing is relevant. Depending on your industry, look into LinkedIn or Facebook groups, specific hashtags or Twitter chats in order to start growing your network.

@SproutSocial A1: A professional photo (with a smile!) that is consistent across profiles is a great way to start. #SproutChat

— Your Creative People (@ycpideas) April 12, 2017

@SproutSocial A1: Be real. Be consistent. Be passionate about what you represent. Be honest. #SproutChat

— b r i t t n e e (@hellobrittnee) April 12, 2017

@SproutSocial A1: Create a consistent theme across all platforms and add content that is both relevant + interesting! #SproutChat

— nicole (@nicolemaries__) April 12, 2017

A1: Be social! Be active, relevant, respectful. Don’t spam and TAG people/services you speak about. Brings you on their radar. #SproutChat

A1. I like the advice of posting about what you want to be known for, but also 1-2 “extra-curriculars” – to prove you’re human. #sproutchat

— pamelahughes (@pamelahughes) April 12, 2017

Keep Social Media Etiquette Top of Mind

As you’re creating and refining your online identity pay attention to social media etiquette. Use social to connect at scale but avoid overt self promotion. Be authentic and make sure that your profile design and tone represent the “real you.”

@SproutSocial A2. Do not self-promote your business the minute you connect with a friend online because that is blatant disrespect #sproutchat

A2: Don’t forget that whatever you post will live on, forever. Be genuine but conscientious #sproutchat

— Stephan Hovnanian (@stephanhov) April 12, 2017

Q2: Oh, and can we please cut the “thanks to my top contributors” stuff? Pretty please? #sproutchat

— Gill Andrews (@StoriesWithGill) April 12, 2017

A2 Don’t over-hashtag in your bio #sproutchat

— Toby Metcalf (@Toby_Metcalf) April 12, 2017

A2a: Don’t just jump onto a hashtag because it’s trending. If your tweet is irrelevant to the actual convo, you look obnoxious. #SproutChat

A2) Being incivil. It’s perfectly fine to disagree…

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