The Remarkable Similarity Between Selling and Dating

The Remarkable Similarity Between Selling and Dating

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This past Saturday I was reading an old issue of Men’s Health I found laying around the house.

One article was about how empowered women have become, and in particular, how it’s now just as common for a woman to approach a man and ask him out as it is for a man to approach a woman.

This wasn’t the big news, though….

What really stood out in the article was this little tidbit:

“Not only are women asking men out nowadays, but more importantly, women report that they’re far more attracted to a man they approach, versus a man who approaches them!”

This flies in the face of traditional opinion on the subject of dating, but nevertheless, it’s true.

And that begs the question: WHY is it true?

The answer is simple: People want what is difficult to get.

More importantly, the thing in question doesn’t actually have to be hard to get. It only has to seem that way.

The reality is that when a woman goes up to a man and asks for his phone number, he may have been just as ready to approach her – but because she approached him, he seems hard to get even if he’s not.

In other words, it’s all about perception. The reality of the situation doesn’t really matter.

How To Use This Principle…

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