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You can catch #Lyfechat Thursday, May 25th at 8pm EST Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Karin Hehenberger, I am the founder of Lyfeb

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You can catch #Lyfechat Thursday, May 25th at 8pm EST

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Karin Hehenberger, I am the founder of Lyfebulb. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age, and upon diagnosis, I made the decision to dedicate my future to discovering a cure for diabetes. I attended medical school in Sweden (at the Karolinska Institute) where I graduated with both MD and PhD degrees after only six years. I founded Lyfebulb to create a global organization that is patient-centric and functions as the voice for a larger population of patients. We feel that it is the patients’ responsibility and opportunity to be innovators, teachers, and influencers, and we want to inspire patients to take charge of their future.

Why Twitter and TweetChat?

Twitter is an amazing platform for myself and Lyfebulb to connect with the T1D community. TweetChat is a perfect place for driving important conversations revolving diabetes and chronic disease. It is great to get people from around the world sharing their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.

What is your chat about?

This month we are discussing relationships and type one diabetes.

What inspired the chat?

One of our main goals at Lyfebulb is to connect people. If you ask most T1D’s, they will say their biggest fear when diagnosed is feeling alone. Even extremely supportive family members will not ever truly understand what T1D’s go through every day. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease definitely brings some challenges to your relationships, from family, to friends, to dating. We want to drive a conversation about these different relationships, hear about other’s experiences, and ultimately educate and inspire the community.

Tells us about your community?

Our community consists of both patients, and those we have coined ‘Patient Entrepreneurs.’ These are people living with T1D, or other chronic diseases that are starting companies to improve the management and care of their disease. We also have built a strong group of Lyfebulb Ambassadors, who are leaders in the diabetes community. Being able to connect and learn from everyone in this community is a blessing.

Can you share with us one or two success stories from TweetChat?

Last year we held our first ever Innovation Award, in partnership with Novo Nordisk. At the award, 10 finalist Patient Entrepreneurs pitched their companies to both the Lyfebulb and the Novo Nordisk team, and in the end we had one winner. Post event, we held a TweetChat called #DiabetesToolkit which was wildly successful. We all learned a lot about the benefits devices are bringing to the management of diabetes, and the need for innovation in the space as well.

How can TweetChats help build your community?

We love connecting with those in the diabetes community every single day. TweetChats help us build this community by giving us a platform to meet and chat with these individuals.

You can catch #Lyfechat Thursday, May 25th at 8pm EST


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