Tweetchat Profile for the Mighty #ComicBookHour #Twitterchat

Tweetchat Profile for the Mighty #ComicBookHour #Twitterchat

We are thrilled to profile and connect you with a great Tweetchat for a very passionate audience. You can find out all the latest and the Twitter chat

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We are thrilled to profile and connect you with a great Tweetchat for a very passionate audience. You can find out all the latest and the Twitter chat calendar on, follow @ComicBookHour or follow the hashtag conversation here -> #ComicBookHour

Big thanks to  for being a part of our awesome #Twitterchat community!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jamie Me, and back in 2013 I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety condition, and my entire life changed. I began therapy, and decided to move in a different direction in life. I’d always had a passion for telling stories, and I loved Japanese manga, so I decided that I would try to work with talented artists and write comic books. I soon discovered that my passion was living firmly in the moment. I wanted to create stories that reflected the world we live in right now, and I’ve done exactly that for the past four years with the help of some very talented individuals. It wouldn’t be right to not mention those I’ve worked with: Tona Doya, Bernard Gita, Archie Dait and Sean Callahan. Be sure to watch out for them!

  • Why Twitter and TweetChat?

Twitter is the no-holds-barred social media, and when it comes to the comic industry it is the undisputed king of interacting with potential readers. Literally no other platform sees the same level of love from the industry. This will shock people, but, to my knowledge, I was the first comic related chat on Twitter to roll with Tweet Chat. I saw huge potential, and you guys don’t put essential sh*t behind a pay gate. I hope I can swear, ha ha.

  • What is your chat about?

ComicBookHour is the world’s biggest comic book discussion. In 2016 alone it is estimated to have had well over 100 million impressions, and that is the result of a passionate community we’ve all built from the ground up. Now we have hundreds of comic creators and readers, from all over the world, joining in every Sunday at 10am PT to talk about what they love, comics!

  • What inspired the chat?

Back before #ComicBookHour there wasn’t an indie comic chat on Twitter. The webcomic crowd over at #WebComicChat were doing great things, but it was tailor-made to their specific community; something they do very well. Me? I wanted to run a Q&A like a chat show. I’d be the charismatic host, and I’d interview the entire comic industry.

  • Tells us about your community?

ComicBookHour is the leading indie comic community in the world. We’ve got hundreds of talented creators that engage in lively discussion, and they keep it respectful… on Twitter. Seriously, let’s keep it real. We’ve all seen the nightmares of social media where people are unable to discuss stuff without descending to name calling and angry subtweeting. We don’t get that in our community. We just have a dedicated user base that wants to talk about comics, learn from each other and have a good time.

  • Can you share with us one or two success stories from TweetChat?

This past weekend I was at Thought Bubble in Leeds, UK. It’s the biggest indie comic festival in Britain, and one of the best worldwide. If you ever get a chance to go, you absolutely should. So I’m running a table and selling my own comics, and I thought I’d take some ComicBookHour business cards. In my mind, I was spreading the word to people who were unaware of the brand. Within the first hour, I’d met a Twitter chat regular, two people who contributed to the anthology we ran and someone who sees their mate post the hashtag “all the time”. It was incredible! I got to meet people from a community created entirely online in the flesh, and I never realized just how far reaching the brand is. I’m super proud, and now I’m wondering… how far can we take this?

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