#WebComicChat Tweetchat Profile

#WebComicChat Tweetchat Profile

Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, Art Director of VAS Littlecrow, the visual arts services firm responsible

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, Art Director of VAS Littlecrow, the visual arts services firm responsible for The Velvet Rasputin Comic-Based Arts Collective. I live in the small town of Rice, Minnesota, and I have a deep passion for comics. My love for the sequential arts is how I ended up becoming a Co-Moderator for @WebComicChat #WebComicChat.

Why Twitter and TweetChat?

Twitter is one of the best places for networking with comic artists. I’ve made a lot of great friends there over the years, and have learned so much. The diversity of ideas on Twitter is unparalleled. It’s great being exposed to all kinds of artistic expressions and different kinds of people.

As for Tweetchat, I learned about it when I used to participate in the #CustomerLove chat back in 2010, and I’ve been using it since. It’s a great tool for participating in chat events and Twitter parties.  I really like the fact that it works like a chat room with Twitter without the need for opening yet another social media account or a dedicated Twitter account.  It also seems to be more reliable than other similar tools on the web.

What is your chat about?

#WebComicChat is an event that unites a variety of comic communities, comic fans and people curious about making comics with round table discussions on the creative and marketing process. When chat isn’t in progress, the hashtag also serves as a self-promotion tool and, a place for people to ask for questions about the independent comic craft. Although originally focused on webcomic events, #WebComicChat now covers a variety of comic delivery methods, including print, and has grown into vibrant community of people who love independent comics.

What inspired the chat?

Michael Dambold founded #WebComicChat in 2014 with a very specific purpose:

“When I began WCC, I wanted an open place for people to share their techniques and tips and tricks.

Also, a place where people can connect with others and not feel so singular in their approach.”

To this day, #WebComicChat continues to build on Michael’s original vision with the help of myself, Co-Moderators, Jennifer Woehrle, Riana Dorsey, plus a great group of volunteer creators and participants.

Tells us about your community?

Our community represents a wide cross-section of the Twitter independent comics community.  We have everyone from seasoned published professionals to amateurs thinking about putting their comics on the web. The community was originally a bit rowdy, but over the years, people have recognized the value of our events. As a result, we are a polite and supportive bunch.

Can you share with us one or two success stories from TweetChat?

TweetChat was instrumental in providing a sense of structure for #WebComicChat when Michael asked Ai Yoku and I to take over the event. Our improved Q&A format was well-received and helped the hashtag trend so often than we no longer keep track of event trending. I feel like this was a major success for us.

How can TweetChat improve?

I would love to have an automatic archiving option on TweetChat. I’d also would love it if chats wouldn’t truncate when the buffering gets backed up for longer than expected. I really want to see every tweet that is shared. A modernized interface would be lovely as well.

How can TweetChat help build your community?

Keep up the great work! I am very curious about TweetChat+Pro will do as well.

For those curious about #WebComicChat and our previous topics, please visit http://webcomicchat.com/ to learn more.

Who Are The Mods?

Draco Plato, Sam, Neil Kapit, Leanna, K. M. Claude, and CHAT the WebComicChat Bot. We also have guest mods and volunteers who help us out here and there.

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