What Are The Challenges Of Social Media Marketing?

What Are The Challenges Of Social Media Marketing?

I almost overstepped my boundaries for questioning a lady who told me that "starting a business is hard". I responded with "what will you say about m

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I almost overstepped my boundaries for questioning a lady who told me that “starting a business is hard”. I responded with “what will you say about maintaining the business?” The lady got angry, and I do not blame her. We were merely strangers on a public transportation system and I barely knew her, not to mention what she has been through while trying to start up a business. Despite the level of e-commerce development with the help of the internet and all, it is still more difficult to maintain your business than to start it.

Research by a Magento eCommerce agency based in New York showed that while business enterprises are sprouting daily, two-thirds of this number of startup enterprises don’t live long enough to become recognized brands. This boils down to being able to maintain the business. One aspect of maintaining a business is the aspect of promoting your business or creating awareness about your business.

This involves one form of advertisement or digital marketing as you may choose to call it. One form of marketing that is making a meaningful impact on brand reach, traffic and transactions is social media marketing. This involves the use of various social media for the purpose of promoting what you do or what you have to offer. Social media is one aspect of the internet that receives a huge amount of traffic (it is only second to search engines). As such, the buzz around it is understandable. The possibilities of what you can do with social media to develop your audience as does not in any way shade its challenges. What are the challenges of social media marketing? The answer to that question is contained in this “social media marketing simplified“write-up.

Choosing the Right Channel

This, in my own opinion, is what should be considered the basic question when you want to engage or launch a social media marketing campaign. Getting this wrong will most likely not end well no matter the efforts you put in place to make up for it. When you’re using social media for marketing purpose, you’re seeing it as a marketplace. Just like a marketplace, choosing the wrong location could adversely affect your business. Before choosing the social media channel for your business, there are a number of things you need to consider. They include but not limited to: the age range of your target audience, their most likely occupation or profession, their interest, etc. This is very important because a business-inclined man will most likely be found on Twitter than on Instagram. A musician, on the other hand, is more likely to be more active on Instagram than on Twitter.

Getting the Attention of Your Target Customers

Social media can be a very crazy and unstable place for doing business. Unlike a website where your customers come to get something, social media involves trying to get the attention of your customers to what you have to offer. In other words, not everybody on social media is your customer and the number of “likes” does not reflect the amount of patronage you will or are currently receiving.

When Valentine’s day was around the corner, and a friend of mine informed and shared with me in WhatsApp and Facebook a graphic of a promo she is running as a baker. As a human, I reposted that graphic on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the amount on “likes” I’ve received on Facebook (around seventeen or so) nobody asked if I’m the one baking the cake. The only solution to this challenge is to be like my friend. You have to keep spreading the word and be patient.

Finding The Right Content

Have you heard the saying “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”? This may or may not work when relating it to your website and social media account. It will not work if the content on your website is not in line with what is going on in social media. The graphic of my friend that I reposted was able to get the number of “likes” it got because it was in line with what is in the air on social media (Valentine’s day).

To be able to find the right content to use in marketing your business on social media, it is best you work with what is trending. This does not mean you will change your product, service or even your marketing campaign. All you need to do is make some little modification so that your message will be in line with what is trending. If you are an interior designer for example, you can add this line to your initial marketing message “love is in the air, give your home the Valentine look and make your family feel the love”. Which makes your content relevant to the trend, and set up for the best chance for engagement success for your brand or product.

I will always tell entrepreneurs, there is no manual to success. What matters is that you keep doing your best while being persistent and patient when doing it and things will definitely pay off. All social channels and content are not created equal, and it is imperative you constantly test and learn to evolve your social media marketing. Which will enable you to compete more effectively, and scale your business over time.

About the author: 

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.comProgos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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